A Mass of Innovations

New technologies and connectivity marks a new era within the vineyard industry. GREGOIRE offers two new harvester models, the GL7 and GL8. These new harvester models are specifically designed to use the new technology available today but retaining the key values of the brand :

  • 1. Picking quality
  • 2. Ease of use
  • 3. Low maintenance cost

GL7 and GL8 models are designed to work in vineyards with minimum row spacing of 1,6 meters. Not only you can use the GL7 and GL8 to harvest your grapes you can utilise the machine during other periods of the year as the tractor base can be equipped with a front tool carrier for trimming/pruning or utilised as a dedicated spraying unit using the machines ISOBUS functionality.

GREGOIRE GL7 and GL8 brings you major innovation that is already recognised and rewarded by the industry with AUTOpinch, NEOmap and EASYpilot.

Discover the new GREGOIRE GL7 and GL8